About Us

Aaron Isaiah Gordon is the Founder and Life Skills Coach at Prevail Through Change, LLC. PTC was established for two reasons: One, I had a fervent passion to teach people how to create rich meaningful lives. Two, I wanted to show up in the world represented by something greater than myself. I wanted to build something that would outlast the brevity of my physical presence on Earth.

Throughout my life and career as a mentor, educator, and helpful personality; I've spent hundreds of hours talking, listening, encouraging, motivating, and helping others solve some arduous problems. 

My education, training, and life experiences have inspired me to create a body of work that I believe is the supreme approach to how we should approach building our lives up. 

Everyday I see the fruitfulness of that work in my life! My clients see the results in their lives! I've figured a lot out! I know what works!

Below are the tenets that guide my work:

1. Your value and worth is intrinsic. It is not relative to ANYTHING apart from your "being".

2. We are always in a state of becoming.

3. Empowerment comes by way of responsibility.

4. Your life is yours to shape & design; you are responsible for the experiences you create. 

5. You exist in this moment, at this time for a meaningful purpose. 

6. There is ALWAYS another way to do everything. 

7. If you see it, hear it, or experience it, there is something meant for you in it.