Where did the logo idea come from?

I earned my Health and Life Coaching certification in Transformational Coaching. So when I became serious about starting my company; I looked for a symbol that would represent "change" or transformation. In my quest I discovered the Sesa Wo Suban Adinkra symbol, which originates in Ghana, Africa meaning transformation and change. 

How did you create the company name?

My company name derived from a collection of ideas I have about change and how we deal with it. I know that change is constant, often uncomfortable, disruptive and unsettling. I also know that it is ever present in our lives and we can not avoid it. So it's to be confronted and managed. That's a process I've mastered maneuvering. My bodies of work facilitate that prevailing experience. 

 Do you have payment options?

Yes there are payment options:

1. Pay in full for program package. 

2. Payments can be partitioned into (3) bi-weekly transactions for 12 week programs.

3. Payments for open-ended sessions are to be paid 48 hours or more in advance of scheduled session.